October 25th:
A very small coonie was found slowly and methodically rolling her way to an apple pile to eat. She has no use of three of her legs currently and is progressing slowly, but looks better each day. She manages to get around by curling up into a ball and pushing herself around with her one good back leg. She has been named Gabriella. High hopes that she can endure this challenge and heal. It is apparent that she has survived a wolf or coyote attack and hopefully the paralysis will get better. She is 2 pounds in weight presently and appears to be a 7 month old. {She should be close to 30 pounds at this age in our area.}

December 4th:
Gabriella has tripled in size and still improves. She is eating well, is approximately 8 or more pounds now, and is beginning to regain her normal body shape. Gabriella appears to be an adult female of 2 years or more in age and was near total starvation on intake. The estimation of 7 months old was considerably low.  Since she is completely nocturnal, and doesn't budge during the daylight hours, it isn't known how well her legs are beginning to function as of yet, but she gets to her litter pan, water and food just fine. She also covers herself, stuffies, pillows, and other blankets & hay [Thanks for the hay Cher!!]  under her big pink one [Thank you for the blankets Doug & Mary!!]. New pictures of Gabriella will be forthcoming as soon as I get new batteries for the digi-cam.

December 16th:
Today Gabriella has gotten up on all four legs and is walking! She is now the size of the Crack Babies. She will be released back to her home in the forest as soon as breeding season has ended in hopes she does not become pregnant right away and to let her body continue to heal. Believe in miracles -- they happen every day.

March 23, 2007
Today Gabriella was taken to approximately 80 acres of private land in the Chequamegon National Forest Area {Thank you Bob!!!}. Her mini-coondo was loaded into the trusty old dinged up van and driven in total comfort to her new location. She only dared to peek out once, and hid her head under her pillow for the duration of human contact. Gabriella has grown to about 30 pounds, gotten her nails back, and is walking just like nothing ever happened to her. Now that she is free in her forest land again, perhaps that haunting look in her eyes "What exactly has happened to me again?" will fade into cyberspace for her and she will concentrate on fishing in the creek and maybe creating a little family of her own.

Be safe Gabriella. I will think of you often. Ask your great great grandchildren to wave at my great great grandchildren when they see each other, and I will do the same.