Daisy was brought to the Coondo. She had been found 2 months ago with her mother and siblings dead on the road. She was injured, and the people that found her helped her, dressed her wound, and took care of her. But now Daisy is getting big and can't stay with the family anymore. She is a very sweet baby, but doesn't know she's a coonie. She's very friendly towards humans and dogs, but terrified of the Orphans in the Coondo. She has a kennel of her own in the Coondo yard for now. This morning she ventured into the Coondo to see why all the others keep disappearing into it. I think Daisy will enjoy finding out she's a coonie and be able to go on the Big Adventure with the others at release time. Hopefully Daisy will learn how to adapt by then.

The 'crack babies' aren't so small anymore.