November 19th:
Shamu found the small escape hole in the corner of his cage. It’s been there for a few days now, but every time I’d move his hay and blankets to show him it was there, he hurried up and patted the hay back in place where he had it. This morning I moved it again, but showed him with my hand poking through it “hey Shamu – there’s an escape hole here for you – no critter bigger than you can get in and out”, so he thought he’d give it a try. He was out into the rabbit shed in no time flat. He didn’t seem to like the set up much. It was pretty scary being outside the cage under only the sky for the first time. The tin walls of the hut didn’t agree with his nails. He jumped around in circles for a bit, scaring all the rabbits as he leapt from cage to cage. Then he sat on the 2 x 4 on top of Sqeekie Houdini’s cage, looked around, assessed the area and took off on his Big Adventure. I opened his top front door and replaced the ¼ “ hardware cloth with 2” x 4” galvanized wire over the 10” x 12” opening. That way if he wants to go back into his beautiful little nest he built and can’t find the little door – he can try the big one. He has all his goodies buried in there if he gets hungry. He reminds me of a teenager taking off raring to find their own apartment until they realize one day they got very hungry. So they go home to mom's to get the good fixin's. Stay safe Shamu.

November 27, 2006
The other day Shamu was out playing in the yard. We saw him run up a stop sign and sit there for a while checking everything out. There was a fat older squirrel that lives in our Maple tree that was hopping around the yard while Shamu watched. After a little while, the bigger one hopped down the block to the squirrel feeding station at the neighbor's. Shamu followed him to the buffet. This morning I saw Shamu eating with the others. I stopped and said "Hi Shamu!" and all the others scattered, but Shamu stood up and gave me an "I know you!!" look and didn't run. After a bit he went up into the gnarly tree and sat watching me while all the others hid. It's good to know he is fitting in and has found food and friends.