Wish List
{In Reality - much needed items}

These are items that we can utilize for rehabbing needs. All expenses for rehabilitation of wildlife comes out of the rehabber's own pocket. We get no funding to rehabilitate Wildlife {except for the very rare donation offered by those bringing Wildlife in need to us -- and every now and then from someone who asks us to come retrieve an animal -- most citizens think the DNR pays us to do this -- the DNR does not fund nor reimburse any Wildlife Rehabber in any form whatsoever}. If you are able to donate any of these items, please send them to:


Dory & the Orphans Wildlife Orphanage Corp
133 Victor Street, Coleman, WI 54112

WI State Non Profit DFI #DO46361

Your donations will help save the wildlife at the orphanage.

{we use Fox Valley species specific formulas for the baby orphans}
Fox Valley formulas [call Nick at (800) 679-4666 he knows what the orphanage needs]
Baby Blankets {all sizes - especially receiving blankets - not yarn}
generic frosted mini wheats/honey nut cheerios
roasted unsalted peanuts in the shell
filberts, hazlenuts, pecans or walnuts in the shell
"Educational" infant and toddler toys
Stuffed animals
Clorox {kitchen} wipes & or Clorox Spray
Paper toweling {Bounty pick a size preferred}
Red Cedar Chips
Horse pellets {bedding}

Ingredients for the coon kibble I now feed:
Whole Wheat Flour
Rye Flour
White Flour
Wheat Germ
Steel Cut Oats
Powdered Milk
Apples or applesauce
Venison or lean meat {no bones are used or fed}
Pumpkin {fresh or canned}
Brown Rice
Bob's Red Mill, Vegi Soup Mix

Building supplies:
Hardware cloth/wire
2 X 4s, plywood, building supplies
rolls of insulation
paneling or wall material

Collapsible cages {all sizes from small mammal to 10' panels}


Medical Supplies:

Revolution drops for cats/kittens/dogs/puppies
Ace wraps or vet wrapping
St. Joseph's Baby Aspirin
Disposable gloves or footies
First Aid kits or supplies

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