Apr 27, 2007 10:28 pm

Sneaking while the Doc is gone

Okay guys, let's get down to business.  The Doc is off to CT to courier a kitten to her bestest friend Jean and her husband Tim.  This is a sister to Auntie Denise's Chedder.
The Doc left me the computer to watch movies on and she has my entourage coming all weekend to visit with me and entertain me.  She also wants them to keep movies going for me to keep me company and  entertain me when I don't have anyone here watching me.  Little does the Doc know that I have a way of getting to the computer to email all of you.
I do want the USDA to close down the petstore and the breeder who put me in the position I am in now.  We are definately working on that.  Hey, psssst the Doc really needed to go away this weekend but I know she isn't going to relax or rest well not being able to check on me a million times a night.  We gotta figure out what we can do to help her relax, other than me finishing healing and learning to walk with my booties on and keep them on.
I am trying to be good, but it's a fact that I am an imp and I just can't help it, sometimes I just have to break out and be an imp.....
Later guys.
Logan the Fierce

2:34 pm

I knew better than the Doc

Well, Uncle Doc Jack just emailed the Doc and let her know that I can start having my wraps off while resting to let the air start getting to the grafts.  Of course I have to be good and not chew on them, but I don't seem to be able to be good;so, the Doc is going to have to work on that.  I will have my new moccasins to allow me to move around out of my cage when at the house, and my feet can be naked when I am up.  I am very excited about this.  Of course the Doc can't let me try this until she can watch me closely and make sure I don't give in to temptation and start chewing at the grafts.
Logan the Fierce

9:58 pm

You are definitely a coati! LOL
That's ok, just shows you are doing well and not being overly traumatized with your recovery. What a trooper!
Back to the sewing machines!!!

9:43 am


I just yanked off my tiny front left wrap and I was playing with it when the Doc came to check on me and boy was she not happy.  Well, now I'm not happy because she put a bigger wrap and more sticky tape on me to keep me from being able to do that again, especially when she's not watching me (which is not very often).
My 2 sides, tail and nose are completely healed up and feel so much better.  I can start wearing the moccasins that Auntie Matzo has made for me, as soon as they arrive, but I will need to still have my regular wraps and changes for my back feet for a little while longer.  Doc says that sometimes she forgets that she only did the graft surgery on the 10th of April and so it has only been 17days now since they were done and I am healing amazingly fast.  She says I am truely a miracle, until I do something bad then she says I'm a devil in sheep's clothing.....
Logan the Fierce

Apr 27, 2007 5:12 am

Yoooohoooo, anyone out there????

Hey Logan-

Your booties should arrive by Monday. Yesterday I showed them to Auntie
Denise and she likes em. I have a pair of mocassins for during the day
when you need to run real good to hide on Doc Sandy, and a pair of
'slippers' for at night. I sure hope they fit!

Auntie Denise brought me a baby cousin coonie of yours that has arms that
are a bit deformed. He was driven a lot of miles to come to me just like
you were driven a lot of miles to get to Doc Sandy. Auntie Denise was his
third driver to get here. His name is Achilles and he is 3 weeks old.

Licensed Wisconsin Wildlife Rehabber
http://www.doryandtheorphans.com {Help our Native Wildlife!}

April 26, 2007  9:36 pm

Yoooohoooo, anyone out there????

It's me Logan and I was wondering where everyone is?  Look it doesn't happen often, but the Doc left this computer thing on and I figured out how to get out of my "home suite" and  I am very busy trying to get this off before the Doc comes back and finds me putting nose prints on her computer.  Doc says tomorrow's unveiling of my feet will be very interesting and she is hoping I can put my temporary boots/socks on until my new moccasins arrive from Auntie Matzo.


April 25, 2007    10:35 pm

It's been one month

since that scary night that I got driven down here to Doc Sandy's clinic and I saw her for the first time.  Boy was she serious that night.  I also remember how much pain I was in and the infection that came from my infected feet, but was running rampent throughout my body.  I was severly dehydrated and very hungry and I wanted my nasty yucky smelly feet gone and far away.  I remember waking up tired but feeling pretty good and not too thirsty, with this big fluidy bump over my shoulders, huge boxing mitts on all four of my feet and this darn satellite dish on my head and a harness too.  Boy was I confused and scared, but then Doc showed me all the wonderful healthy yummy things that coatis can have to eat and that I would be getting pain meds and antibiotics to take care of me and she never yells at me when I nip her and I've gotten her really good a couple of times.  She is always nice and tells me to stop being such a bad little man and then she chuckles (personally I think she's a little bit crazy).  The Doc even brought me home something new for my bedtime snack, sushi.  Boy is that stuff crazy!!!  I don't really know what to think of it but the Doc says it'll grow on me.
Shuffling off to see if I can convince the Doc to give me more roaster chicken, which I looooovvvvveeeee..
Logan The Fierce

3:45 am

    Hang in there, buddy. I shall be getting you bigger hammocks out if a few days! I went out of town and got stuck with car issues. Your new hammocks are cut and ready to be sewn and I should be able to get back home tomorrow (Monday).
Joy, Kairi, and Mei Mei
RIP my sweet angel Tamarind

12:04 pm

LOL! I'd call that progress!!!
Sandy, there are NO words to express my overwhelming admiration for everything you're doing for our little guy!
You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
-Christopher Robin to Pooh

10:07 am


I tried to give the Doc the evil eye and even menace her with a good glare to get her to back off with that stupid camera thingy and it didn't work, darn it.  She sure is persistent with that thing.  You guys can go to the webpage and see my footies, since we are trying to not gross anyone out.  I am very proud of my feet and the doc is too.
Auntie Matzo is working on some booties for me and so is Auntie Meg's mom who lives here in town.  I am so happy to have people helping the doc with that sort of stuff, cause she is really tired trying to it all for me and her other fosters and her regular crew of guys and everyone at her hospital.  She always takes care of us first and last and she maybe does for herself somewhere in the middle.
Well, shuffling off to run down the hallway like I did earlier to get away from the doc.
Logan the Fierce

April 23, 2007 6:14 pm

Great news!!

The Doc just got an email from her friend the board certified surgeon and Jack informed her that there won't have to be any more surgeries on my feet from what he can tell from the pics the Doc emailed him from today's recheck.
YEAH<YEAH<YEAH!!!  You guys just don't know how happy this makes me.

1:15 pm


the Doc says that today isn't the day yet.  She says I still have some more healing left to do, but that I can continue to have the reduced wraps instead of the fancy boxing mitts.
I let the Doc hold me for a little while as I was waking up and I even sat on her shoulder for  a few minutes, but then I spotted my cage and the roaster chicken and kibble for lunch and some new strange red fruit, a strawberry, and I got very wiggly until she had to put me down.
Doc says I will need my front booties before I will need the back ones, because my front feet are healing much faster than my back feet.
Shuffling off to act like I am sleeping and formulate great plans for nip attacks on the Doc.
Logan the Fierce