April 11, 2007  5:31 pm

Dear Logan and Doc Sandy,

Great to hear you are both feeling better enough to get some rest. Doc? You are one amazing lady. All the healing thoughts I can send are on the way until you don't need them anymore. A few days for a critter healing is like watching a miracle happen before your eyes. Huge blessings to you both.


1:17 pm

Eating well and sleeping lots

I am doing well today.  I was painful last night and neither the Doc nor I had a good night's sleep.  I was painful, but I am better today and eating well.  I am sleeping better, the Doc upped my pain meds and so I feel better.  The Doc was worrying over me and she has a mommy cat that was trying to deliver her babies and one got stuck and she had to do surgery to get them out.  They are doing really well and the Doc says we can hopefully get a good night's sleep tonight.
Logan the Fierce

9:35 am

I am doing great!!!  I am eating and moving well, I don't like my meds.

5:43 am

Hey Little Cousin-  How are you feeling today?

Dory & the Orphans

April 10, 2007  5:59 pm

The doc had some great chicken chunks and blueberries waiting for me when I woke up enough to eat.  She also has me back on loads of pain meds because she had to make my sides hurt today.  She is very sad and concerned about this for me, but she says in a few days I won't be so uncomfortable and I'll be feeling lots better.  We don't get to look at my feet until Friday and then she says she will be giving me new wraps and taking new pics of my feet.  I hope I get more of that Deli sliced Turkey meat tonight, she gave me some last night and I thought is was awesome.
Later on

2:24 pm

Guess what, it's done

Doc decided that due to timing issues that she was going to go ahead with my skin grafting surgeries today.  It took another 1.5 grueling hours for her to harvest my doner skin from each of my flanks and then suture the sections into place.  I am very sore and disoriented, but she says I hopefully won't have to do this again, she was able to get really good coverage and closure for all 4 of my feet.  Of course my sides are feeling very achy right now!!  She says I am very brave and to not give up, we are hopefully in the home stretch for surgeries now.  Oh, I don't get woozy for 3 days now.
Logan the Fierce and woozy

April 9, 2007  9:26 am

Lots of Logan Prayers for Wednesday

The Doc is moving my 1st skin grafting surgery (not skin advancement, which she has already done) up to this Wednesday coming up.  She says my feet are healing very well from the last surgery and I have such amazing granulation beds that she feels it will be time to go for it and do the first surgery.  She is going to do my back feet first and then next week do my front feet.  I'm a bit nervous about this but I also want to get healed up so I can stop getting woozy every few days.  The doc is also really excited that I am 5.7# today!!
Logan The Fierce