April 2, 2007  8:59 pm

Logan here finally

well, the Doc has finally left me alone with her laptop long enough to let all know that I have had a really good and quiet day.  the Doc felt that since she was not going to make me get woozy today that I could have a day of real peace and quiet again here in my room at her house.  She came home at lunch and gave me some really good treats for lunch, including roaster chicken, sweet potatoe, watermelon and grapes.  She makes a great lunch.  The Doc was busy with something called a Serval today and he was not very nice to her, but she says he is very handsome.  She says I wouldn't want to meet him because he would probably look at me like I was lunch.  I got to visit  Ru, Cheyanne and Igby for a little while tonight and the Doc says seeing them helps me mentally.  She also says that my Birthday is 12-25-06, as far as she can tell based on my estimated age and she says this is very special.
Talk to all later, the Doc is coming down the hall, gotta shuffle.
Logan The Fierce Survivor

April 1, 2007  9:13 pm

Kind of Scary

Well, the Doc has me watching a movie called Seabiscuit.  She says its inspirational and that's what I need since this week the "reconstruction" will start on my stumps and I need to see how this horse goes against all odds and lives and races again.  I'm kind of scared about this "reconstruction", I'm nut sure what all this means but I know it's gotta be serious.  The Doc says it'll all be good, I just have to be brave for a little longer and then I hopefully won't be hurting so much.
Logan The Fierce Survivor

4:01 pm

Yeeehaaaa fromLogan

Doc was extremely excited about my feet when I woke up this afternoon from being woozy.  She had a new human helping her today named Missy.  Doc says she will be working for Doc when she graduates vet school in a few monthes.  Anyways, Doc says that my feet all bled very nicely when she took the wraps off and this is verrrrry good.  There were no dark spots indicating dead tissue and I have an incredible amount of new tissue growing in on the ends of my stumps.  She says I should be able to start having my reconstructive surgeries starting on Tuesday.  Yeah.  I would really like to be without these bulky boxing mitts sometime soon.
Chedder watch out for those things the humans call Imps, they can smack you with their tail hard enough to make you see stars, believe me cause I'm a smaller version of one of them.  that rat thing sure looks funny and I think you should eat it.  Doc says you are already bigger than it and it would be a good dinner for you.
Later world
Logan the Fierce Survivor

1:04 pm

Hey Logan,

Cheddar here. Hey I snucks into somes room here. Guess whats?? Is has fennec TV, yep fennec TV. High techs too, I can interacts with em. I now sits for hours watching and touching em cages. Is in heaven, all for mes. So buddy hows ya doing? Questions, what is this rat looking thingie, mom says I can't eats it, looks likes a snacks to mes. Whats ya think??? Hugs from fennec TV land.

9:41 pm

Good morning world

Logan here.
Had a great sleep last night.  The doc has been slowly extending my pain meds out so I can sleep more during the night.  She has me at 6hr intervals now.  I went on a little walk about this morning, but then I had to take those darn meds and I hated them.  so, I held out on eating until the Doc went to that Dunkin donuts place and get another of those sandwiches so I could have a really good breakfast.  The little bowl in my space is my special treat bowl.
I know to check there first for the most special treats the Doc offers me.  I got to say hi to Ru, Baby Cheyanne and Igby this morning.  They are really big and kind of scary.  Baby Cheyanne sure is cute though.  They were giggling at me about my satellite dish.
Okay, I'm going to shuffle off to take a nap.
Logan the Fierce Survivor

[Matzo added more pics to my Photo Album] [some are graphic]

8:21 am


I am attaching pics that the doc took last night while I was trying to nap while she watched some weird movie iRobot.  She can be very strange sometimes.

Logan -
I have your pictures up on your photo page now.
[some graphic of Logan's feet]

March 31, 2007  9:14 pm

Great nap

Yawwwwnnnn, okay, Chedder woke me up with his crazy email that his new mommie put him up to, wow he's easy if she has rubbed off on him already.  Poor boy.
Took a bit of a nap with the Doc, dogs and cats while watching some crazy movie called iRobot.  what a strange movie the Doc insisted we watch.  We had a great dinner tonight that included more of that Naan stuff and some broiled pepper beef that the Doc took the pepper stuff off of.  I have spent a lot of time sleeping today, which the Doc thought was a great thing for me to be doing.
Darn if she didn't take more pictures of me trying to sleep and some of those darn cats trying to say high to me.  The multicolored one is "Katrina" and the Doc says she is Chedder's mom.
I'm off to sleep some more.

9:01 pm

Nice try Chedder, but the Doc didn't do that tiara get up, your new crazy mommie did that.  The Doc would never do such stuff.  Keep being pushy about the formula stuff since you  are a kitten, just a big one and she's thrown by your size.

8:42 pm
Hey Logan,

It's Cheddar, I arrived safe and sound to WI. Well this crazy new mom of mine has 11 you guys. They not like you, they butt slapping me. Chasing me down when I bite their tail...HELLPPP!!! I have only been here a couple of hours am BOY AM I IN TROUBLLLEE. Mom made formula stuff, said kitten formula, well I am a kitten..right....so I's thoughts mine. NOPE, I got kicked out of the kitchen while she mades some more. Logan buddy, I's only ate oz...hardly's a snack...what did I do wrong??? Now she is feeding stuff to somethings called genets.

 They sooo tiny, hardly worth fussing over....so borings, they just eats and lays around...nothing like my big beautifuls sazzy playful self. I thinks I should maybe go back to you, no ones cared if I ate anything I got my paws on. What do you think? Whats up with you fosser mommie? Shes sent me in tis silly outfit/tiarra... ..all of airports laughing at me........so wrongs. Heres pic of me in silly thingie.

4:29 pm

Logan here

Hey everyone.
Miss Denise won't tell you about Chedder because she wants to embarass him later when he arrives.  She plans to put him in a girly dress, but he left here very manly and definately minus some silly girly dress.  Miss Denise likes to dress small animals up and torment them for laughs......  no actually she does dress them up from what the Doc says, but she doesn't torment them.  Doc says she wants people to think the Doc shipped him to Wisconsin in the dress, but he left here naked, I saw him.
Been getting some real good sleep today and eating well too.  The Doc played Happy Feet for me earlier for inspiration.  well, those silly penguins tap dancing certainly made me laugh.  I've done a little walk about today but not too much since I have to rest. 
The Doc says I may be ready for some kind of special surgery towards the end of this week coming up to start making my stumps what they ultimately will finsih up as.  She says it will be multipart surgeries and I may have another surgeon named Dr. Galligaher to help out.  He is a surgical specialist who may volunteer to help me out.  Doc says she is on pins and needles waiting until Monday to hear back from this other Doc.
Well, I have some eating to do.  The Doc made more of that Naan stuff for me for dinner.  I like it just a little bit warm.
Logan the Fierce Survivor

11:25 am

The world will might Cheddar later tonight......hmmmmm
Denise owned by 11 imps of holy terror

10:13 am

Best Thing ever..

you guys gotta try something called a breakfast sandwich from dunkin donuts. the doc shared one with me and I think it's the greatest ever....  I also ate all my grapes and mango and 1/2 my kibble while she was gone taking the "Chedder" to the airport to go to his new home in Wisconsin. Doc says she is going to miss him like crazy, but he has been meant for Wisconsin since before he was born.
Doc says we are going to go for a little picnic in the yard for dinner tonight, well we will be on the porch watch the dogs play in the yard while we have dinner tonight.  Oh, and I found out what the walking carpet "Mobear" is, he is 160# Newfoundland.  he is really big, but he is very gentle.
I hear the doc coming to check on me, gotta go pretend to be resting.

8:26 am

Miss Denise

Doc says you should tell the world about what a Chedder is....

8:10 am
I am soooo mad

Doc just gave me my medicines and I am so mad at her..  That stuff doesn't taste good at all.  I keep telling I don't want them and she keeps making me take them.  I paid her back with a nip above her long gloves and giggled about it.  She just kept talking to me and made me take them anyways.  She sure is stuborn.  I am trying to pretend I don't want to eat what she made me for breakfast but boy is it good and I am going to have to break down and eat, because I am really hungry this morning. 
Doc didn't leave her computer where I could get to it last night, so no night mail to you guys. She says she's no real happy about the nose prints on her computer, but it can't be any worse than her big white walking carpet called "Finn" who drools on her computer, at least I don't do that.
OOOps gotta shuffle the Doc is back from checking on the "kittens" and one in particular called Chedder who are up to no good this morning.
Logan the Fierce Survivor

March 30, 2007  7:25 pm


been a bit of a day today.  Doc has been really busy and she has gotten some really bad news and I think she has been a bit sad, but I went on walk about for a little while and was very cute while I was supposed to be loading into my home suite from my travel suite, which the Doc says I am learning to do very well.  She took some very embarrassing pics of me last night while I was trying to sleep.  Can you believe how strange she is???
Well, she told me around lunch time that if we went ahead and had me get woozy then I can go without until Sunday afternoon and boy that sounded good to me.  She gave me more roasted chicken and Tandoori Naan for part of my dinner and boy was that great!!!  I also got more grapes and mango.  She also gave me these great organic apple cinnamon crisps that are very tasty.  I keep her guessing a lot.  It's good to keep her on her toes, I think.
Oh, there was a big black walking carpet that came into my room earlier and scared me a little but I got quiet and waited and the Doc came and got the "Mobear" and said he wasn't to come in there and make me nervous.  "Mobear" looked ashamed of himself.
Well, I better go eat some more, the Doc says I am gaining weight well and I am up to 5.5# already!
Talk to the world later.
Logan the Fierce Survivor

9:55 pm

Does Logan fuss about the big collar or the harness? Is he using his hands?
Is he actually walking around a bit?

Linda (in Alabama)

10:01 pm
Doc Sandy wrote:
given that all four paws had to be removed by 1/2 due to the gangrene from the frostbite, no Logan is not using his front paws to pick up things, etc.  he is very accepting of his collar and harness and yes he has a slow shuffling gait when he moves and it has been getting faster as each day goes by.

March 29, 2007 

Hey out there.  Doc had to do that stuff to me again, because I got my right front bandage very wet last night and she says I couldn't keep it on like that for 2 days.  She seemed very pleased with my feet when she was talking to me as I woke up.  I haven't gained any more weight but she says that's okay.  She is going to make me the special pork roast I like so much only this time she is going to make sure I can't eat a large amount at once like I did on Sunday when her dad made it.
  Hey Matzo, can you get up with the Doc, she has a favor to ask of  you.
 Logan The Fierce Survivor

9:23 p.m.

I am so excited-Logan here

The Doc says my feet are doing so much better today that I don't have to get woozy tomorrow!!!!  Yeah....  I hate waking up with a headache.  Doc did a new wrap technique today and I am getting around even better and hahaha I got her little finger but good when she wasn't watching....   My tail is feeling great and the Doc is veryyyy pleased too.  Hey, Doc wants to know if anyone knows an orthopedic shoe person who could help me with my booties.  She says I will need some really good one made for long term use, she says she is being "optomistic" whatever that means.  She also says my face will be famous as it should be to help make people do a better job doing the right thing when it comes to animals.  I sure hope this works, no one deserves to go through what I am going through and if I could I would tell everyone who to go after, but the Doc is not in tune to me that much....
Logan the Fierce Survivor

4:09 p.m.

Whewwwww  I am full and sleepy, this is Logan

Hey everyone!  Doc just gave me my pain meds in those nasty tasting vitamins, but she says the iron in the vitamins is working because I am starting to have some good color coming in.... whatever that means.  Well, she just fed me my favorite grapes and she gave me roaster chicken that was in the fridge since yesterday.  I tried to tell her yesterday to wait a day and it'll be so much better that way, but she insisted and I promptly refused it.  Today she tried again and boy am I glad, 'cause it was great!!!!  I hope for more later.  Geesh I've been in the south only a few days and I'm already sounding like one of them.  I'll have to watch that, that's for sure.    Drat caught again, Doc just came in and found me putting nose prints on her keyboard.  Gotta go.
Logan The Fierce Survivor

5:49 a.m.

Pssst  anyone awake it's Logan

The Doc left this computer thing on near my kennel last night, she says that the acquarium would come on and I could see all these funny looking fish and I would love it.  Of course I was pretty tired and only looked a couple of times. They were funny looking but fun to watch them swim around.  I don't know how she did this, but very neat.
I woke up very thirsty and hungry and have been drinking and eating nonstop for a few minutes but decided to see if anyone else was up.  I am trying to be quite the Doc is sleeping really well right now and she needs it.  She has been fussing over me non stop for days now.  Well, I'll let you know what she says about my feet today.  I did get one of my feet wet in the water last night right before the Doc went to get some sleep and she said that unfortunately that means me getting woozy this morning, darn it.  I didn't try to get it wet it just happened.  I am a bit clumsy with these huge wraps on my feet.
Logan The Fierce Survivor

March 28, 2007   6:32 p.m.

Doc has said there are those out there who doubt her hard work and my worthiness to live.  I assure each of you doubters out there that I want to live.  Why else would I not give up while struggling to find shelter, stay warm, find food and water for 10 days in below freezing temperatures while Noreaster after Noreaster hit New York.  Also why else would I live to make it down here to Doc Sandy's care. 
I can also assure you that she is very in tune to me, though a mere human.  She looks me in the eye multiple times daily and asks me to be honest and tell her if I want to live and each time I tell her YES!!!!!
So those who doubt the Doc trying so hard for me, get off her back she hurts for me and is very angry for me and is getting very little rest to make sure I am comfortable and getting anything and everything I need.
Logan the Fierce Survivor

12:26 p.m.

Hi all of you out there praying for me and sending good thoughts my way.  Thank you for all of them.  I can feel it. 
Today I had to have some more of my tail removed because it went ahead and died from the frostbite, but I don't need it, I'm not out trying to protect myself anymore and it was only a little bit more.  Doc Sandy says my feet are coming along nicely and we are going to give me a morning without feeling woozy tomorrow, YEAH!!!  She says we will go to a 2 on and 1 off schedule as long as I continue to heal and no new signs of gangrene show up.  Boy I hope not, that hurt like _ _ _ _ and it smelled really bad too.....   My nose is almost completely healed and that feels much better too.
I'm trying to make the Doc feel guilty by not eating in front of her right now, but waiting until she is not around and eating like crazy.  she gave me some really good roast garlic chicken last night that was great but let me tell you the pomegranate juice was way too sour, I don't know how she can drink that stuff.
ooooohhh here come the girls, I have to lay down again and "rest".  Little do they know all the plans for sneak attacks I do while I am "sleeping"
Logan the Fierce One signing off for now.