April 6, 2007  3:09 pm

Hey Logan,

Ssshh don't tell Doc, but she likes it when you bitez her. Not that she like to be bits (mom says no bitez to imps), but it shows her your spunks and will to survive. You shoulds become friends with her, all in alls mom says shez is a pretty nice lady. You keeps hanging in there for us!! Talk to you soons...hugs Spice.

Denise owned by 11 imps of mass destruction


12:37 pm

Logan here

Just was able to get to the Doc's laptop while she is eating her lunch and playing with some huge white and red thing called a Finn.  I'm talking hugggggge white and red thing.  He is nice to me,but I get upset when he tries to lick me and I chew on his nose.  He just sits there and lets me....(giggle in coati).  Doc is letting me relax today and no new wraps until tomorrow, Yeah!!!    She says she's a little nervous not looking at my damaged feet today, but feels that my having to get woozy so much in the last number of weeks is also something that we have to watch out for too.  I'm still not letting the Doc make friends with me, hahaha.
Logan the Fierce

5:32 am

Dear cousin Logan,

We are in your cheering section. We know how hard it can be to get healed after some humans find us. We experienced many bad things before we found our mom, Matzo and now everything is better. It was hard getting better and we didn't like some of the things that were done to us to help us get better. But now we are all grown and healthy and ready to go on our Big Adventure in the forest where we belong. You are getting better and one day will be in the home you have always been meant to be in. You have all of our support!! We love you Logan! Our mom has your newest surgical pictures in your foot photo album now too.

Your coonie cousins,
Dory & the Orphans
Daisy & the Crack Babies
and Gabriella

April 5, 2007   8:42  pm


it has been a really long day.  the Doc had  some good news today, having to do with me.  She says that a drug rep who came by this morning is being really wonderful and donating ~$300.00 worth of the bandaging materials that she uses on my feet everyday.  She is very excited about this. I really appreciate everyone and my cousin's emails today.  I think I need to go to bed now.  The Doc says we have another long day tomorrow, not as long as today, but we need our rest.
Logan the Fierce

6:14 pm

Thanks everyone!!!

Logan here.  Thank you everyone for their emails of support.  doc and I have been smiling and giggling for the last few minutes.  This time I don't have to sneak to send this, she says it's okay.  I let her scratch my nose last night without attempting to snack on her fingers, this seemed to please her a lot.  She says my feet are doing very well today, my skin advancements are holding well and only ~1% necrosis which is fantastic she says. 
I have to tell all of you though who have not seen my feet or the wraps I have to wear right now, that I am completely unable and will be unable to do what normal footed coatis can do.  I am permanently handicapped.  the doc says i will learn to adjust and with special booties be able to get around pretty well, but I won't be able to open things or climb on things like everyone else can, but boy can I eat what the Doc puts in front of me!!!
Okay, Doc says we have to go, she has other patients to visit with now. 
Later world.
Logan the Fierce.

1:39 pm

Logan sweetie,

I am here, following all with you! You keep fighting, and getting better you hear! I saw you new surgeries pics, and wow, you look good! Talked to your mom a little while ago, and she told me how well they took. You won't have to be woozy for ever, besides we have something in common this way. I am always woozy, naturally-lol, just ask you foster mom! The imps of mass destruction send their love, hugs and imp nose blows.

Denise owned by 11 imps of holy terror

10:20 am

Dear Logan, my mamma said she is having some issues that she has told your mamma and Auntie Neesie about and she hasn't talked much on the puter as much lately. My mamma's favorite skunk died and then a very special rescue died and my mamma doesn't handle these things well so she is needing me more than ever right now. My Auntie Jamie says this is my purpose in life because Mamma and I are so closely bonded. But my mamma says it is very important for everyone to know more than ever that you have to be our main focus now and we have to do everything in our power to help you get better and help Sandy have all the resources she can get. She talks to Auntie Sandy and Auntie Neesie every day about you and she also talks to my Auntie Jamie about you too. You don't know Auntie Jamie yet but Mamma says you are very special to her and she loves you very much. She gets Logan Updates every day from Mamma. You are a very important little guy, Logan! I know everyone will be so proud to say they had a part of helping when you are out of danger and walking in your new, special boots! Laiken said to tell you that part is okay too because Jay sometimes puts clothes and hats on her-it isn't so bad. The boots will help you.
your cousin Tessa   

9:40 am

Hey Logan
We are out here.  It is just hard to get to a computor mom keeps it locked up all the time.  She says we are to distructive with the key board. Mom is at work right now so we snuck out to say hi.  She has been working alot more lately something about dad being unemployed since end of Nov.  So she has to work extra, bacause everything is breaking.  The hotwater heater,  the car, lots of dentist bills,  had to replace the sliding door and garage door. I heard her and dad talking that he got a new job, but two days later they layed 73 people off there what ever that means. 
Mom has been really tired lately so when she comes home we just bring all our toys to where she is sitting.  We also wrestle on top of her head that way we can both be close to her.  I know she loves it when we do this. Just remember we are pulling for you.
Munka & Doodle
p.s. Don't tell Muneka I told you, but she is also scared ot storms.  We had one come through last week and she spent the whole night on top of the dresser.

April 4, 2007  12:05 pm

I'm pulling for ya!   You're doing great!!!  Keep up all the good work!

Linda (in Alabama)

11:35 pm

We are here, Logan. We confiscated Mommy's puter and have been reading your story. We both think you are very brave and want you to know we are crazy about you and are pulling for you!!! Our mommy is in her sewing room right now, making you some hammies. We were jealous at first, but we understand you need to be comfy too! Let our Mommy know how you like them and what she can do to make them more comfy for you. She is good making us feel comfy, so we know she can do the same for you.
Keep sneaking on the puter cause there are so many of us out here thinking about you and sending prayers!
Kairi and Mei Mei

8:15 pm

Bedtime and Full tummy

The doc says it's time to turn the lights out and go to sleep. Long night last night with the storm and my moments of being so scared of that nasty storm.  Doc says if I keep eating like I am I'll weigh a ton.  I've now gained 3# since I came down here to sunny NC and the doc says I'm doing well in that department. 
Where has everyone gone???  I've not getting too many emails lately and the Doc says this is very important for me to get these, they keep my mental state up which is very important right now.  So, if I can work hard and put nose prints all over the Doc's laptop to email you guys, you guys can email back and let me know you're out there pulling for me.
Logan the Fierce Survivor

10:18 am

We had a terrible thunderstorm here and now the Doc knows I am terrified of them.  I went nuts trying to get away from the storm and I tore my ecollar thingy up and threw food and water everywhere and in general was terrified.  the Doc wasn't very happy to discover this when she came to visit me after taking care of the other kids here at her house.  My bandages were soaked through and she said I would have to wait until today to get fresh ones since she didn't want to stress me more by taking me back over to the clinic in the storm.  She fixed my ecollar thingy and gave me more pain meds and brought me up close to her bed so I could easily see her during the night and she said she could keep an eye on me for another freak out session.  Boy was I glad to be getting new dry wraps, I even helped out by putting my nose right into the mask thing at the clinic, that way I could get woozy really fast and the Doc could get my yucky wet bandages off and new dry ones on.  She says my feet look fantastic today and the swelling of the granulation beds is much less with the new skin covering the ends of the stumps and also her debriding the ends of the  stumps yesterday.  she says if I am really good I can keep these wraps for two whole days.  Boy I hope I don't mess up.  The Doc gave me another great breakfast when we got back and more pain meds (YUCK!) and now I need to take a nap.  I didn't sleep well last night, nothing like wet socks on your feet to make it hard to sleep and a darn thunderstorm kabooming all night.
Talk to the world later.
Logan the Fierce