ALL PROCEEDS (after cost of bought items except auction items) GO TO LOGAN and 100% tax deductible
Donations sent to:
c/o Denise Bressler
Logan's Fund
3520 Western Ave.
Richfield, WI 53076

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Charge cards over the phone call 262-677-4823
Fund Raiser for Logan 
Item                          Price                                          Coati Saying on item
Key chain                      $2                                             Support your coati
Pen                               $2                                             I Love My Coati
Multi key (pliers, nail file, saw, knife, can opener)  $5         Imps you got to Love them
Refrigerator Magnet        $2                                             My Coati Is A Star
Desk top Calculator        $5.50                                        Imps You Got To Love Them & The Crazy Things They Do 
Coati CD                       $15                                           TONS of vet info, info, fun
1 Coati Calendar            $16                                           9 months left, but worth the pics
 Top Things 7 day auctions
Coati Stuffed Animal       Highest bidder starting at $25  4-2-2007 Coati stuffed animal has closed. Winner will be contacted shortly. Thank you! The other three will be closing soon.
Painting of your imp by an Artist  Highest bidder starting at $40
Pendant (choice of genuine gem stone, (ask chooses)) Highest bidder starting at $25
Hematite necklace with cat's eye gem stones) Highest bidder starting at $15
Last thing go to  
You can have your own imp's pic put on all items there, such as shirts, jackets, mugs, & etc
Send your pic of your imp wanted on items TO: or you can buy  items as they are.
ALL PROCEEDS (after cost of bought items except auction items) GO TO THIS IMP  100% tax deductible
Any questions or pics wanted write to