Hello World. My name is Logan

We do not advocate keeping wildlife as pets. In most areas it is illegal to own or possess any wildlife native to that area. A licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator should be contacted for any native wildlife found. Responsible pet breeders that sell Exotic species are not selling wildlife. Exotic pets bought from breeders should NEVER be turned out into the wild. Licensed Breeders or Wildlife Rehabbers should be contacted to set any Exotic animal back into the wild! Wildlife taken from the wild with the intention of having a pet should never be done and can cause serious consequences from both the law and the wild instincts of the animal.

Read Logan's Press Release 4-6-2007
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Logan had the misfortune of being sold to a pet store in Endicott, NY, who then sold him to a homeless man as a breeder male (at a very tender young age)  The homeless man was uneducated in Coatimundi care and when the most recent very nasty storm hit the state of  New York, he set him loose from the homeless shelter by opening a window (obviously thinking he was giving Logan his best chance for survival since this now ~14week old baby Coatimundi would not be allowed into any shelter that this man went to).  Logan spent 8 very cold, lonely days struggling to survive without food or water or real shelter from the cold.  He is such a strong little creature. Newest Press Release
.... I survived being set loose into a small wooded area in Albany, NY for 8 days during the time when all the Noreasters came through.  I was out in below freezing temperatures for 8 days trying to find food, water and shelter.  I am a tropical creature and I was only 14weeks old when this happened.  I have healed from severe frostbite to my nose and  tail tip. All 4 feet had to have radical surgeries performed, including skin grafting surgery to save what could be saved. .  If I had not been sold to a homeless man who did not have a choice; due to, having to find shelter for himself, I would most likely still be in one piece.....

Logan's story then takes another sad turn when his severe and extensive frostbite was downplayed by the first clinic that saw him and evaluated him.  Logan in pain and fear started attempting to rid himself of his dead feet.  Logan was then driven an arduous 13 hours to Raleigh, NC where emergency surgery was performed at 4 am on March 25, 2007 [now 10 days for Logan].  One-half of all 4 of Logan's feet had to be removed to stop the progression of the moist gangrene that had set in and to hopefully save this very brave animal's life.  Thick wet/dry dressings were applied along with a harness and an Elizabethan collar (E-collar),  that is secured to the harness.  The E-collar is to keep Logan from attempting any further damage to his already very damaged extremities.  Logan is receiving a combination of pain medications that are given at 4 hour intervals to allow him to sleep pain free and heal and feel well enough to eat.  Logan is also on a combination of broad spectrum antibiotics twice daily to control his infection.  He also must be put under anesthesia daily to allow for foot soaks in warmed antiseptic and fresh dressing application to occur.  This little Coatimundi has gained 2.5 pounds despite his extreme losses and he is quite feisty when he does not want to do something.

Please let Logan be a lesson to all, that responsible pet ownership starts with the breeder providing a healthy new born and all the correct information that goes with that pet and that the new borns are only sold to those who can provide appropriate homes for them.

Logan is in desperate need for donations towards his care, please send to:

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Graphic images of Logan's feet in the Photo Album- Do Not go to this page if you are not prepared for very graphic photos of Logan's surgical procedure. Other photos are in Logan's Photo Album

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